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Our Fresh Fraser Fir Wreaths are hand made out of our high quality, fresh, fragrant, boughs. Fraser firs are famous for their two tone needles. Each needle has a dark green top with a silver underside. Fraser Fir Wreaths also have a pleasant aroma and their needle retention is excellent.

We have three different styles of wreaths available.

Natural Christmas Wreath
Classic Christmas Wreath
Deluxe Christmas Wreath
natural christmas wreath image
classic christmas wreath image
deluxe christmas wreath image
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Our Fraser Fir Wreaths are so well made they look beautiful even without decorations.

Our decorated wreaths are elegantly decorated with pine cones, holly berries and a ribbon.

All wreaths are made fresh prior to shipping. This ensures your wreath will last long past the holiday season.  We guarantee you won't find a more beautiful fresh Fraser Fir Wreath anywhere.

Please note that both the Classic Christmas Wreath and Deluxe Christmas Wreath may have two clusters of pine cones and holly berries instead of three clusters based on pine cone availability.

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